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Who we are

Masechaba Media is a new age broadcast media company that specialises in TV & film production and media training, publishing and radio broadcast syndication.
Our unique selling proposition is that we produce proudly South African media products that appeal to both African and international audiences alike.
All of our audio-visual products are shot on HD, by internationally-acclaimed African filmmakers.
We are a 100% black, female, youth owned company.


We pride ourselves in having top expertise – and the best equipment on the continent. We are a one-stop shop with full in-house audio post-Production facilities.
We are able to provide world-class audio-visual products that easily compete with the best in the world.
Our company has access to an African national network of high-quality local camera crews and an extensive inventory of state-of-the-art cameras in all major formats, along with complete accessory lines.
Our vision is to have a strong footprint in West and East Africa; and greater access to Pan-African stories – and audiences everywhere.